1/2" Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union

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Get a fast and secure connection for your air conditioning system with this SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union. The aluminum A/C repair union connector is designed to work with both KLEDGE-LOK and SPLICE-LOK systems, and is the perfect solution for quickly and easily creating a leak-free hose to hose repair. Here at SPLICE/KLEDGE we know how important it is to keep your car's A/C running properly during these hot summer months, that's why we've designed this easy to use solution! Stop spending extra time searching through local stores - pick up your SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union today! Features: - Designed for both KLEDGE-LOK and SUPERHEADER splice systems - Compatible with 1/2 reduced-barrier A/C hose - Quick and secure installation Benefits: - DIY installation ensures cost savings when compared to traditional professional services - Secure leak free connections every time - Simple installation makes even complex repairs quicker than ever

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