AGS Rust Converter Bottle
AGS Rust Converter Bottle

Rust Converter, Quart


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Rust Converter

Convert rust into an inert surface that is ready for painting. Penetrates deep into metals to ensure rust doesn’t come back. Use Rust Paint as a top coat to ensure rust is gone forever.
  • Converts surface rust to an inert surface that can be topcoated
  • Seals surface and prevent future rust
  • Penetrates deep into the rust
  • Easy brush-on or spray-on application
  • 50 state compliant 

Preparation and Application Instructions:

  • AGS Rust Converter is ready to use product, no mixing or dilution required. Liberally apply converter to prepared rusted surface.
  • Two coats are recommended if using a brush or roller.
  • Wait 20 minutes between coats, temperature and humidity may require longer recoat times.
  • Do not apply this product if the temperature is below 50°F (10°C).
  • Allow the converted surface to cure for 48 hours and protect from moisture and rain.
  • After 48 hours, ensure the surface is dry, then apply a topcoat.
  • If no topcoat is applied within another 48 hours or the surface has moisture, a second application will be required.

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