EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16

EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16" x 68"; Bubble Flare; Metric 10 X 1.0 TPI Fittings

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3/16" x 68"; Bubble Flare; M10 X 1.0 TPI Fittings Nickel Copper Brake Line 

EZ-Fit Nickel Copper brake lines are a direct replacement for your OEM brake line that is designed to be as quick and easy to install as possible. This 3/16" x 68" bubble flare brake line is cut and formed with M10 X 1.0 TPI Fittings on each end, allowing you to easily replace your old brake line without the hassle of cutting, bending, flaring or using special tools. It's manufactured from corrosion resistant Nickel Copper alloy for superior durability and is pressure tested upon completion for an assured leak-free fitment. Features: - Pre-Formed Tubing - nickel copper alloy construction - compatible with M10 X 1.0TPI fittings Benefits: - Quick & Easy Installation - Corrosion Resistant Material - Maximum Durability & Reliability through Pressure Testing

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