Tube Nut, Steel, 3/16 (1/2-20 I), Box of 100
Tube Nut, Steel, 3/16 (1/2-20 I), Box of 100

Tube Nut, Steel, 3/16 (1/2-20 I), Box of 100


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3/16" (1/2-20 I) Steel Tube Nut

For use in repairing any damaged brake line or in creating custom hydraulic lines right at the wheel. 3/16" & 9/32” (1/2-20 I) steel tube nuts construction ensures a longer service life and excellent leak prevention when installing into the appropriate size fittings. Fitting sizes are SAE to help ensure compatibility with standard tubing used on many braking systems. Features: - Standard SAE fitment for improved compatibility - Long lasting steel construction for brake line repairs - Corrosion resistant coating for increased durability Benefits: - Made specifically to fit a variety of vehicles, making it easier to repair automotive braking systems. - Easy torque installation process helps you achieve greater accuracy and maintain higher connections strength. - Allows smoother flow of fluids through the braking system while eliminating vibrations and noises due to poor connections - Built with long term resistance to the damaging effects of external elements like moisture, dust, rust etc.

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