Bleeder Screw Dust Cap, Large, Bag


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Bleeder Screw Dust Cap

The Bleeder Screw Dust Cap fits snugly to keep dirt and moisture out of the bleeder screw fittings and grease zerks, protecting them from corrosion and contamination. Made of rubber for long-lasting durability and protection, the dust cap includes a chain and carabiner clip to ensure it stays tethered to your vehicle. Features: - Secure fit prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from entering into brake caliper bleeder screw fits and grease zerks - Durable rubber material with a tethered chain is designed for long term use - Easy to install on existing bleeder screw fitting or grease zerk Benefits: - Protects against corrosion and contamination - Shields delicate fittings from potentially damaging debris like road grime, dirt, dust, rocks, sun exposure - Reduces maintenance costs associated with replacing damaged parts due to poor sealing

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