Steel Bleeder Screw 7/16-24 NS, Bag

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7/16-24 NS Steel Bleeder Screw

The 7/16-24 NS Stainless Steel Bleeder Screw is a must-have tool for brake bleeding. Featuring stainless steel construction and an easy to use design, this bleeder screw is perfect for purging trapped air bubbles out of your brake system. It is highly recommended that you use only high quality bleeder screws like this one in order to ensure your brakes are working correctly. This bleeder screw features 7/16-24 NS threads making it compatible with most cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market today. With its corrosion resistant design you can be sure that your investment stays safe from rust or wear damage so your brakes continue to work perfectly over time! Features: - Made of premium grade stainless steel for optimal durability and long lasting performance - 7/16-24 NS thread pattern offers compatibility with many makes and models of vehicles - An easy to use design allows users to quickly bleed their brakes with minimal effort - 100% corrosion resistant design ensures that the bleeder screw will not be affected by rust or any other element Benefits: - Helps extend the life of your braking system by allowing you to quickly and easily remove old fluid and air simultaneously - Quickly purge trapped air bubbles out of the brake system in order to ensure proper braking power is achieved - Keeps your car’s braking system performing optimally all year round with its durable stainless steel construction - Easy installation process allows you to replace old slipping, corroded or worn out bleeder screws quickly

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