Sleeve Compression, Brass, 5/8
Sleeve Compression, Brass, 5/8

Sleeve Compression, Brass, 5/8"


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5/8" Brass Sleeve Compression

Settle in for a reliable connection and conductivity with this 5/8" Brass Compression Sleeve! This product is perfect when you need to join fittings and tubes, as it has five pieces per package. It ensures that your material is corrosion resistant and provides easier operations of the gasoline, grease, oil, or water connections.

Suitable for brass, copper, aluminum or plastic tubing, you can count on the compression sleeve for efficient performance and durability. Its handy design makes connecting quick and simple, so you can rest assured knowing that joints will remain secure without fail! Crafted from high-grade brass that is definitely not intended for use underground, each sleeve packs a punch of strong force so you can feel confident that all connections are solidified.

Experience the power of this 5/8" Brass Compression Sleeve today! Between its longevity and easy operations, ten piece per package offer just what you need when it comes down to dependability. Be sure to pair it with brass compression fittings as well!

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