Standard Steel

AGS Standard Steel Lines

The entry-level replacement line in the AGS brake line category is still an excellent choice for aftermarket fluid transfer line repair and replacement. The steel lines and tubing are constructed with safety and longevity in mind. The tubing is produced by wrapping copper-coated steel around itself twice to form the tubing. This double-wall tube is what provides the strength and structural integrity to withstand the extreme pressures required, yet still remain pliable enough to be formed and bent to the shapes required to be routed beneath the vehicle. The finished tube is fused and zinc-coated to provide excellent rust and corrosion resistance as well.

The AGS Standard Steel line has been the choice of professional installers/mechanics and do-it-yourself mechanics for many years. When properly installed, the standard steel line can provide a long-lasting repair or replacement for many types of vehicles and for all types of fluid transfer systems, including braking systems. However, when a vehicle is expected to see harsh environments like snow, road treatments, salt, air, etc...on a regular basis or when the longest replacement life is required; other AGS premium lines like Poly-Armour® and NiCopp® should be considered.

  • • Excellent Resistance to Rust and Corrosion
    • DOT Approved for Hydraulic Brake Systems
    • Bends and Forms without Kinking
    • Available in Coils of 25'
    • Finished Lines Available for Domestic & Import

Standard Steel lines and tubing meet the following specifications:
DIN 74234

Yield Strength (0.2% offset)
Tensile Strength
Working Pressure
Burst Pressure
300 Series
3/16" (4.76mm)
24,656 PSI
42,061 PSI
4,500 PSI
17,900 PSI
400 Series
1/4" (6.35mm)
24,656 PSI
42,061 PSI
3,000 PSI
12,100 PSI
500 Series
5/16" (8.00mm)
24,656 PSI
42,061 PSI
2,300 PSI
9,200 PSI
600 Series
3/8" (9.53mm)
24,656 PSI
42,061 PSI
1,800 PSI
7,400 PSI
700 Series
6mm (.236")
24,656 PSI
42,061 PSI
3,300 PSI
13,100 PSI





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